German ADR/dubbing Service



Since 2015 we have also been working with young creative teams on hundreds of German language dubbing/ADR projects. From product presentations to kids-animation videos to big screen movies, the list is long.

We have so much fun doing this that we would like to be a partner of the localisation of your videos as well.

Let’s get in contact to develop a budget and production plan.

a/v-productions and consulting


Audio-visual productions, for videos, TikTok shorties or social media advertising are part of any brand or label, be it entertainment, corporate presentations, products, sporting events, the possibilities are endless.


Consulting – We advise artists, sportspeople, performing artists, companies, sportclubs or private individuals on the creation of their own video material, which we then edit professionally and prepare in all formats for all social media channels. publishing publishing stands as a multifaceted independent publishing company. Our focus encompasses Rock, Funk, Pop, Soundtracks, Worldmusic/Jazz, Stage Music as well as new and innovative popular music. In merging diverse global musical influences with popularmusic, we further the philosophy that indeed, all music is a part of an integral whole. This has fostered the ongoing establishment of long term relationships with teams of creative writers and cutting edge label, distribution and publishing partners.